Google seems to be edging towards ‘adopting’ a high end phone from manufacturers and modifying it to offer a pure ‘Google Experience’ of the Nexus to users.  They started by unveiling a Google Play Store version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4 then a couple of weeks after that announced a Google Play Store version of HTC’s One.  Google is rumored to be partnering with LG to make a new Nexus smartphone, a 5 inch Nexus 5, but the company seems to broaden its wings and offer variants of top smartphones with stripped down operating systems and user interfaces under their name.  With this in mind, is there a chance that Google will partner with Sony to bring a Nexus or Play Store version of their current smartphone the Xperia Z?

The folks Android Central think so.  Sony the name is synonymous with quality electronic builds and it is no secret that the company has many fans that would choose its devices over any other.  With the numbers, the company’s current flagship smartphone the Xperia Z is more probable to join the HTC One and Galaxy S4 to offer a Google Play bloat-ware free to its fans.  A number of enthusiasts including Android Central have claimed that Sony may be working on a stock Android Xperia Z or a new device taking over the flagship.

Sony’s Xperia Z topped the list of high performance Android smartphones for a couple of months earlier this year, thanks to its waterproof, dustproof and shatterproof design and built.  The Xperia Z also boasts of a large 5 inch 1080p full HD screen, a quad-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC with an Adreno 320 GPU, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB storage space and Sony’s mobile Bravia Engine 2 that enhances color, clarity and quality of the display.Bla bla bla bla
Stock Android operating systems Google install on Google Play devices offer a ton of new features but it is designed more to be lightweight, save space and use minimum system resources.  This means a Nexus Experience smartphone scores a higher rating on benchmark tests than the manufacturer branded devices with the same hardware specifications.  I have a feeling that Nexus experience devices are more of Google initiatives than the manufacturers’, but it will not affect Google’s Nexus program.

Whether Sony will offer a Google Play Store version of the Xperia Z or will instead offer it with a newer more improved device after the Xperia Z, only time will tell.  There are many reasons to love this program because the devices are often offered to buyers yearning to have an unlocked phone with a light operating system without having to root a carrier device.  Google Play editions of Sony Xperia would also be more affordable and would probably come with more color options than the current Xperia Z which is available only in Black and limited Purple.